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Canada Rubber Polska - innovative solutions in the field of waterproofing and spray insulation of buildings, terraces and balconies.

Canada Rubber provides innovative solutions in the field of building waterproofing . Our domain is water -resistant coatings – waterproofing . We specialize in roof spray insulation – roof sealing , repairing a leaking roofing roofing felt – as well as waterproofing the balcony and terrace . So if you are wondering how to repair a leaking roof , what does the roofing of roofing felt look like, and the   insulation of the terrace and balconyor what spray insulations are the best then you are in the perfect place. The technology we offer is characterized by the highest technical and quality standards.

Discover our products

The highest quality and the best standard of performance are synonymous with the products offered by Canada Rubber Polska. Since 2010, we have been the best answer to the questions about how to repair a leaking roof , how to properly protect the terrace against leaks , how to seal a roof made of roofing felt , or which shower insulation is the best. This makes our products enjoy great popularity among customers with production halls or large commercial facilities. Thanks to the easy and quick application, it is possible to make a membrane on an area of ​​approx. 1000 m   per day!

The use of our products


The technology we offer does not have welds, thanks to which the material works together with the ground without causing any leaks. The flexibility of our products means that even on a hard working substrate, the material retains all its parameters. The application of our materials can be done either manually, through brushes or rollers, or sprayed using special aggregates. The material is available for companies and individual customers, which is why everyone, even those without construction knowledge, can seal selected surfaces independently.

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