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Canada Rubber S700

Liquid rubber

Canada Rubber N300

Liquid bitumen

Canada Rubber AL150

Asphalt varnish


Reinforced polyurethane membrane


Liquid polyurethane


Transparent polyurethane coating


What distinguishes Canada Rubber Polska products?

Very high flexibility

The highest quality of offered materials means that their flexibility is even 900%, which gives us 3 times greater advantage in material flexibility over the competition! Thanks to such high flexibility, the product retains all its parameters even on a hard working surface.


Canada Rubber waterproofing products are characterized by high mechanical, chemical, thermal and UV resistance – materials resistant to any weather conditions can be used in any climate.

Quick and easy application

Our materials are available not only for companies, but also for individual clients. Thanks to the easy installation, it is possible to do the work yourself, and the application even in hard to reach places and adhesion to most building substrates even easier independent work!

Easy ground preparation

Substrate preparation for waterproofing can be easy! With Canada Rubber products, you don’t need to rust or tear sheet metal, which reduces the amount of preparation work by half. Canada Rubber – it’s easy preparation and simple assembly.

Safe assembly

Safe assembly – The assembly of our products is 100% safe. Due to the fact that they are applied cold, there is no need for an open fire, which means that the renovation does not hinder the operation of the object. 

Our products are available on the Allegro website, as well as from authorized distributors and in the online store.

The use of our products


Canada Rubber waterproofing coatings are ideal for covering most roofs. No more wondering how to effectively repair a leaking roof! Seal your roof with roofing felt insulation, choose products with a long service life, non-flammability and very high extensibility and tell the alloy to a leaking roof.

Terraces and balconies

Protecting your terrace from leaking has never been easier. Canada Rubber products, such as bitumen and polyurethane liquid membranes, can be successfully used as a waterproofing layer on balconies, terraces and patios.


Waterproof and damp proof foundations will make the house serve us for many years. Canada Rubber products are ideal for these types of tasks.


Canada Rubber products guarantee 100% security. Our range also includes products that do not have any flammable substances or solvents, making them ideal for indoor insulation.

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