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Waterproofing terraces and balconies

Polyurethane terrace systems


Balconies and terraces used as usable squares
and outdoor seating are constantly exposed to
weather conditions. CANADA RUBBER
FLASH 250 offers the use of liquid
polyurethane waterproofing systems for balconies / 
terraces with long-term protection, with a uniform color
With the possibility of a decorative finish guaranteeing the
pleasure of spending time – effective protection
for years.


CANADA RUBBER TRANS proposes the use of a
colorless, flexible, durable, one-component
membrane that will allow you to protect
terraces / balconies for many years without the need for
expensive and thorough renovation.

Transparent insulation can also be used
as protection for roof skylights, glass, etc.

Waterproofing balcony / terrace surfaces without breaking their layers and utilization is possible using the transparent polyurethane CANADA RUBBER TRANS system. Surfaces covered with ceramic tiles are exposed to changing weather conditions, which often results in cracks in the joints of mortars and allows water to enter, which causes degradation of the surface, and also causes leaks.

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