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Waterproofing of wet rooms

In the wettest areas in our homes, such as bathrooms, toilets, dryers and kitchens, it is worth doing waterproofing with Canada Rubber.

Insulation Canada Rubber N 300 – Liquid bitumen made in wet areas will provide a lasting effect of finishing works protecting and preparing the substrate for laying tiles in rooms exposed to frequent contact with water. Underlayment insulation also requires securing sensitive areas that are regularly flooded or splashed with water. It is worth taking into account places such as: walls around the sink, bath tub or shower cubicle.

The application of Canada Rubber N 300 is easy and quick to apply, and the applied coating protects the surface against damage caused by moisture. It is worth remembering that well-chosen insulation, preventing water penetration through the walls, also protects the rooms adjacent to the protected areas.

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