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Underfloor waterproofing

Terraces and balconies are exposed to changing weather conditions, making them sensitive places in residential buildings. 

The trouble-free use of a terrace or balcony depends primarily on the use of flexible under-tile waterproofing. We offer and recommend the use of bituminous coatings Canada Rubber – S 700 Liquid rubber, N 300 Bitumen liquid .

Canada Rubber bituminous membranes are one-component products, ready for independent, manual application. They have high adhesion to most substrates, i.e. concrete, metal, roofing felt or wood-based materials (e.g. OSB). The seamless coating formed after application will adhere tightly to the substrate and transfer the stress associated with the operation of the structure due to temperature changes.

In addition, remember to use reinforcement by using technical grids ( GEOTEXTILE 50 ) in sensitive areas, e.g. connecting the balcony with the wall. They are embedded in waterproofing, creating continuity of sealing, preventing water penetration into the structural layers.

For better work related to the installation of tiles, we recommend using quartz sand for the membrane, which will create a bonding layer for ceramic glue. 

canada rubber s700 podpłytkowy
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