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S700 bitumen system

Bituminous system S 700 - Liquid rubber

Repairing leaking roof coverings using the S 700 (N 500) liquid rubber allows for independent and effective roof protection.

Canada Rubber S 700 (N 500) is an elastomerically modified bitumen emulsion, based on water, having high flexibility – up to 900% extensibility, shape memory and full resistance to UV radiation.

Liquid rubber S 700 (N 500) is dedicated mainly to protect against leaks of bituminous, metal and concrete surfaces, as well as their renovation. Thanks to its dense consistency, it thoroughly penetrates all gaps in the ground, reaching even hard to reach places. It does not flow when carrying out protective work on vertical surfaces.

Cold application, using a brush or roller, will not be difficult for independent work. For the implementation of a protective coating on large-surface facilities, we recommend using spray aggregates.

The seamless coating obtained after the application of Liquid Rubber S 700 adheres closely to the substrate and withstands its work and stresses. No need to tear off the existing roofing before applying the S 700 allows you to save time during the execution of works, as well as reduces the costs associated with its possible disposal.

Advantages of Canada Rubber S 700:

  • quick and easy cold application,
  • without breaking the roofing felt, removing rust from the sheet,
  • flexible up to 900% stretch, with shape memory,
  • no joints, fastenings, joints,
  • excellent adhesion to most substrates,
  • waterproofing of horizontal and vertical surfaces,
  • resistance to adverse weather conditions,
  • UV resistant coating, does not require the use of protective layers,
  • environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable.
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