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AL 150 asphalt varnish

AL 150 asphalt varnish

It is a mixture of bitumen, organic solvents and fine-grained liquid aluminum. The varnish is intended for renovation of roofing materials alone or in roofing systems and flashings made of metal, as well as for strengthening and protecting waterproofing coatings. It is an integral part of the Canada Rubber SILVER ROOF system.

• old damaged bituminous coatings;
• damaged asphalt roofing felt;
• bituminous corrugated sheets;
• roofing and covering made of sheet metal;
• protective coating for bituminous
insulating membranes .

From 0.1 – 0.2 l / m2 for one layer depending on the condition
and type of surface as well as the method and temperature of application.

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