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AIRLESSCO HSS9950 spraying machine

AIRLESSCO HSS9950 spraying machine

The machine is designed to apply products from our offer, all types except A 450. Airlessco hydraulic aggregate is one of the most powerful aggregates available on the market. The hydraulic pump used in the construction of the aggregate means that the machine can be used for both intensive construction and industrial works. The aggregate has an electric motor powered by 230V or combustion depending on the contractor’s needs. Up to 3 guns can be connected to the aggregate. High efficiency and durability means that the aggregate can work up to 30,000 liters per year.


  • Easy to apply heavy coatings
  • Slow piston operation guarantees a long service life
  • Lower service costs due to slower piston operation
  • Larger product inlet for greater flow
  • A long cylinder immersed in the material – this allows you to spray heavy products
  • Long-life external hydraulic pump
  • The large capacity of the oil tank maintains the temperature of the hydraulic system
  • Lower temperatures to prevent excessive friction and rapid wear
  • Raised engine cover for quick engine replacement

The machine is multi-purpose and can also be used for other products such as:

  • coats
  • leveling compounds
  • land
  • impregnates
  • waterproofing materials
  • water paints
  • synthetic paints
  • acrylic paints
  • epoxy paints

Technical data

Max. working pressure227 bar
Max. efficiency (l / min)8.9 l / min
Max. nozzle size0.053 ″ (1 gun), 0.037 „(2 guns)
Max. hose length90 m
Engine6.5 HP (230 V)
Weight90 kg
3/8 hose15 m
Nozzle cover with nozzleREV TIP 631
Piston oilTSO
Maintenance fluidCOROCHEK
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