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How to fix a leaking roof?


Any roof, even a very degraded one, can be quickly and effectively repaired using Canada Rubber technology. This will save us from dismantling the roof infrastructure and tapping roofing felt. The undeniable advantages of this technology are also the long life, reliability and chemical resistance of the resulting water-resistant coatings. The smooth consistency of our materials allows you to accurately reach all nooks and seals the most difficult places. Canada Rubber allows easy protection of expansion joints and joints of roofing felt with concrete, metal, foamed polystyrene or PVC.

Our materials dedicated to roofing insulation from roofing felt, i.e. bitumen – S 700, N 300 and liquid polyurethanes DROOF 250 are characterized by high flexibility. Due to their liquid consistency, they form a seamless coating after application. This reduces the risk of cracking, even in the event of high stresses, unstable substrates, temperature fluctuations or building vibrations. This is a big advantage, especially in the case of production plants or buildings located in areas exposed to mining damage. The undoubted advantage of our products is also applying it cold, which does not hinder the operation of the object. An additional plus is the spray application, which, thanks to the possibility of feeding the material from ground level with high pressure hoses, reduces the need for its transport on the roof, which also does not expose the structure to additional, point load.


Canada RubberPapa
Homogeneous, seamless coatingA lot of joints that work during temperature changes, increasing the risk of leakage
Easy and quick application of coatings "cold" - spray or manual Installation is carried out using burners, which creates a fire hazard. Bad welding of roofing felt causes leaks
Resistance to UV rays - high reflectivity of coatingsThe UV protective topping detaches over time and is washed away by rain
Application on existing ground, without the need of picking and disposing of it Before applying a new roofing felt, it may be necessary to break off the old layers
The smooth texture of the membranes allows effective waterproofing in hard to reach placesIt is not possible to carry out accurate insulation in hard-to-reach places
High elasticity of coatings and their shape memoryRisk of cracking and unsealing due to temperature change
Low roof loading after coating application, membrane weight approx. 2 kg / m2Roof repairs with roofing felt or its subsequent layer is a load of about 10 kg / m2
In case of damage to the coating - easy to repairDamage to the roofing felt necessitates the use of open fire and reheating its next layer


Canada Rubber is the best answer to the question of how to repair a leaking roof and remains the perfect solution to „save” the roofs of warehouses or production plants. Most importantly – using this technology, there is no need to dismantle the roof and long breaks in the operation of the object. During the renovation, you do not need to remove the entire coating or rust the metal sheet, because you only need to get rid of coatings that are not coherent with the ground and remove corrosion deposits. When the sheet metal is in good condition and leaks only appear in some places, it is enough to use Canada RubberS 700. You can do small work yourself. However, if the entire surface needs renovation, the roof is sprayed with Canada Rubber S 700 or Canada Rubber DROOF 250,the application is made by employees of Canada Rubber Polska or by authorized contractors. As in the case of a roof covered with roofing felt, after preparing the subfloor, spray insulation is possible in one day, which will cover up to 1000 m2.

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