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Canada Rubber FIX NOW liquid polyurethane membrane reinforced with fibers

FIX NOW is a thixotropic, dense but liquid, permanently elastic, fiber-reinforced mass, applied cold. Easy to use. One-component polyurethane membrane is designed for long-term and simple waterproofing of places, with a complicated structure and shape.

Cures in reaction with soil and air moisture.


FIX NOW is mainly used to create a waterproof membrane on difficult and complex details of roof infrastructures, for example: wall connections with the floor, flashings and joints at an angle of 90 °, roof skylights, roof tiles, chimneys, drainage channels, gutters, etc.


  • simple application
  • seamless coating
  • water and rain resistance
  • ensures water vapor permeability
  • frost resistance
  • full adhesion to the surface
  • does not require reinforcement with tapes, fibers etc.
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